Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forex Trading Success - If You Don't Have the Following in Your FX Strategy You Will Lose

Forex Trading Success - If You Don't Have the Following in Your FX Strategy You Will Lose

If you want to enjoy forex trading strategy you need to have the key component in this article, or you will lose and it's easy to find out if you have it just read on and try and answer the question correctly...

The question is (and you need to answer it with confidence and quickly):

What is your trading edge - why will you succeed when 95% of traders lose?

Simple - but be aware, what most people think is edge is not!

Here are common answers and there a recipe for equity wipe out

- I am going to use a forex robot that has a simulated track record (most have check!)
- I am going to day trade or scalp the market for profits
- I have a system based on science which predicts market movement
- I follow breaking news stories online and act on them
- My broker gives me research
- I am clever and that's my edge
- I trade on instinct and gut feeling
- I have a course form the net from a guru and he's an expert

Think any of the above are an advantage and you're in for a reality check and a swift wipe out of your equity.

The above are not edges at all they are misconceptions about what forex strategy you need to win yet most traders fall for them. A trading edge is something that you have confidence in and that doesn't come from not working, or someone giving you success.

A forex edge comes from an understanding of what you're doing and the right forex education.
Only if you have understanding, will you have confidence and discipline to apply your method for success.

Your edge can be anything you like, no two traders have to have the same edge - but it must be something that sets you apart from the crowd and you can apply, with discipline, to ride out losing periods until you hit a winning streak.

Most traders lack the discipline to execute their trading signals in the market because they don't have confidence in what they are doing and throw in the towel.

You have to lose to win in forex trading and most traders simply don't have the discipline to ride out losing periods but you must otherwise you will never succeed.

So if you want to win learn currency trading the right way, get a simple system you understand and have confidence in and apply it for success.

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