Friday, August 28, 2009

Forex Swing Trading - The Best Methodology For Novices For Seeking Big Gains Quickly

If you want to get started as a forex trader, forex swing trading is the perfect place to start and is one of the easiest methodologies for novices to start with. You can soon put together a system and be making big profits in just 30 minutes a day...

The reason it's so good for novices is, it requires less patience and discipline than long term trend following, as you get plenty of action and profits and losses come quickly.

Many novice traders try forex scalping or day trading - but these short term methods of trading don't work, as all volatility is random. Swing trading is the only short term method you should consider, as the time period is long enough to get the odds on your side.

The Aim of Swing Trading

Swing trading typically catches moves that last from a couple of days to a week and is designed to swing trade into overbought and oversold levels. To swing trade you first need to understand support and resistance, then target levels where prices are becoming overbought or oversold and get ready to trade. To do this, you should also understand volatility and using the Bollinger Band to measure overbought and oversold levels is an essential tool.

Once you have spotted a potential overbought or oversold scenario, with prices coming into resistance or dipping to support, its time to look to execute your trading signal.

Confirming Trading Signals

Never buy into support or sell into resistance and hope levels hold, wait until they have so you are not predicting, you wont win if you predict, as this is really hoping or guessing.

For this you need to become familiar with momentum oscillators and there are many to choose from. We like the stochastic and the Relative Strength Index (RSI(, both are visual indicators and you can learn them in 30 minutes or less.

They will give you clues to changes of momentum and then when they do, you can use them to time your entry into the market.

Stops are easy once you are in the trend, you can simply place your stop behind the resistance or support you are trading into.

Taking Profits
With swing trading profits can disappear quickly, so you need to take them early.

Take them before the next level of resistance or support is tested. By getting out early, you avoid the problem of a counter trend which can eat into your profit.

Forex swing trading is an excellent method for novice traders and simply requires an understanding of volatility, support and resistance and momentum. This does not take long to learn furthermore, you get plenty of action and never have to sit on a big open profit and all the discipline this entails.
Swing trading is simple, fun and can be very profitable. It's simple to understand and easy to build a robust forex swing trading system.

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